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Hair Structure

Average daily hair growth rate ranges from 0.3 mm to 0.4 mm. Average barba thickness ranges from 0,03 mm to 0,04 mm; and according to this it is called as thin barba hair or thick barba hair.   Infant hair begins to grow after 6th month begin to grow pursuant to hair regulation of adults. Hair intensity can vary as per races; as well as a male has average barbas of from 100.000 to 125.000.

Gender, age, race, hormones and other genetic features determine the general structure of hair.  Hairs grow in the structure which we call as “follicle”; and this porous structure bastes the skin and hair by producing lipid.

One of the most important features of the hair is its flexible structure that allows it to take shape easily. The long keratin filaments available in the structure of cortex provide the fact that the hair stretches, transitivizes and curls.      

The “cuticle” which is created by little flakes and protecting the inner layers is available at the outer structure of hair. The medium layer named cortex which is the most flexible and durable is created by thin cells. Hair pigments are available at the most inner layer called as “Hair Essence.” The follicle part of the hair which is under the skin is located in the “hair follicle;” and fed by “papillae” which serves as storage. As for the section providing the fact that the hairs are fed and be soft is “sebum.”

Life Cycle of Hair
Some regions of our hairs grow more rapidly than other regions because of our hairs have a dynamic structure in which each of strands are found in different stages. Within this dynamic hair circle, while some of our hairs are growing some others become thinner or lost separately from others. 
Because of each of strands have a growing and dormant phases within itself, the life of a strand may vary from a few months to a few years. The hair which is on the scrap heap is lost by itself or under effects applied from outside such as combing, washing, hot forming of hair; and new hair grows in place of it.     Hair loss of 50 - 100 per day is quite normal.  The more age is older the more growing of our hairs slower; average growing of our hairs is 1 - 3 cms per month.