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Hair Loss

Our hairs loss in both men and women by depending on many reasons.  Infectious diseases can cause to loss of our hairs directly, as well as some illnesses such as avitaminoses, diabetes, hormonedisorder can also cause to loss of our hairs. Hair loss can be treated correctly only when its main reason is determined. 

Male Pattern Hair Loss may be at both sides of the forehead and on top as well as it may also include all of head. As for the females, hair loss is seen as to become thinning of hairs.
The hairs losing in a definite pattern such as Male Pattern hairlessness or Female Pattern hairlessness have hereditary characteristics; and the reason of hairlessness is the fact that the person has genes creating the hair loss. 

Male Pattern Hair Loss
It Androgenetic Alopecia is the type of hair loss that is the most seen in the World; and called as hairlessness or Male Pattern Hair Loss.
It is more much seen at caucasian race and males as well as its frequency and loss severity exhibits increase together with age.   The growing phase of the hair (anagen phase) becomes shorter under effect of androgens which stimulate the hair follicle.

Female Pattern Hair Loss
Male Pattern Hair Loss depending on the hormones is seen at also women. As well as its rate is lesser than women, its losing form resembles to Male Pattern Hair Loss.
At the same hair loss can be encountered at women because of some chronic or acute diseases such as unbalanced and inadequate nutrition, stress, iron deficiency, thyroid diseases ... etc and giving birth.

Telojen Effluvium
Peracute and severe stress causes to increase of the number of loss of hairs. These events will reduce the time spent in the dormant phase of the hair; and following this phase a lot of hairs lost.

Alopesi Areata
Alopesi Areata which called as also tinea barbae is mostly seen at young and middle aged males from both genders.Although the reason of this illness is known completely, genetic and environmental factors and autoimmunity are regarded as responsible.