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FUE Technic

The Latest Technology in Hair Transplant: FUE Technic
Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Technic which is the latest technology used in Hair Transplant is the operation of fact that the hair bulbs in area with hair is transferred to the bald area; and is realized by an operation continuing average 5-8 hours. The hair to be planted in bald areas is usually taken from the area between two ears where the most resistant to hair loss is.
After the operation, incrustation is created at the area in which the hair transplant is applied; and the incrustates disappear within 1 week and the hairs start to grow. New hair starts to grow within approximately three months. In 5th and 6th months, the change is noticed visibly.
In order to obtain good Hair Transplant result, you should fulfill the care completely that was told you by the specialists after the operation and that should be applied rigorously.

During you are selecting the Hair Transplant company:
Hair Transplant Operation that will be applied by a team who is experienced and who carry out their work caressively will certainly bring also the success together with it.  During you are selecting your Hair Transplant company; you should prefer the truest company which will provide you this confidence in respect of both your health and your happiness.
A company that had demonstrated its success in the institutionalization and success in its previously carried out operations will provide you the results that will make you happy. 
You can have lifelong permanent and natural appearance thanks to a hair transplant that was carried out by an experienced team in an environment appropriate health standards.
The result of a good hair transplant depends on followings:
Professional hair transplant experts
An experienced team
A careful planning
A well designed hairline
A rigorous care after the operation