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Natural Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Operation requires priorly excellent planning.  This planning has great significance because of new hairs acquired by the person will be permanent after hair transplantation performed. The importance of working together with a team with higher experiment on planning and application is great.
A lot of studies such as hair characteristics of the person, studying of areas with/without hair, creation of hair line are carried out during the planning prior the operation.  The fact that this study is carefully realized will provide obtaining successful results after the hair transplantation.
Success of the Hair Transplant is measured by bringing the patient the natural appearance of the hairs and maximum hair follicle (graft).
Another important point of the fact that natural appearance can be obtained at Hair Transplant is creating of Natural Hair Line.

An extremely natural appearance arises by the fact that techniques to be applied in Hair Transplant method are selected by taking into consideration the hair and face structure of the person and the hairs are placed correctly. When failure occurs, both the grassman appearance arizes and an irreversible loss may be experienced at the region with hair.  Therefore, the fact that you choose the most appropriate and experienced team for hair transplant operation will directly affect the results that will satisfy you.